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Easy Process

We handle the financing details from quote to close. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Competitive Loans

Get great rates with access to leading lenders.

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Expert Service

Our loan consultants are the experts in marine financing.

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Quick Approval

Get a loan in less than 2 hours with qualified credit.

Boateka Financing: The Smart Way To Buy Your Dream Boat

Boats are major purchases, and financing is a great way to stretch that payment over time.  When looking at monthly rates it's important to consider the boat purchase price, the loan term, and the loan rate.  By adjusting each these, you might be surprised how low your monthly payment might be!



Before getting too far into the purchase process, consider getting pre-qualified to get a better idea of what your rates might be!

ready to buy?

When you're ready to buy, fill out a formal financing application to start the purchase process!


Smart Boat Buying At Its Best

We want to make it easier for you to own your boat. To do this, Boateka has partnered with leading marine lenders to offer financing at competitive rates.  Boateka has partnered with well known marine lenders to offer competitive rates for a wide spectrum of credit profiles.  Pre-Qualify today to see what rates might be available for you!

FAQs for Boat Financing

Yes, you can! If you choose to finance with a bank or credit union directly, just mention that to the Boateka team member who is helping you complete the purchase.

We run a credit inquiry and work with our lenders to find the best possible rates for you. Your financing terms are determined by the lender based on your credit history and factors such as your income, cost of boat, etc.

Usually, we can approve the loan within 2 hours with qualified credit. We will contact you within 30- minutes of receiving the application to review credit qualifications and next steps.

Yes! You may choose to get pre-qualified. Just fill in your details and our executives will contact you.

Many purchases can be closed the same business day with emailed closing documents.

For pre-qualification, we run a soft credit-check that does not affect your credit. When you apply for the loan, we do run a credit inquiry, which would impact your credit.

We work with a number of lenders to accommodate most credit profiles. While we cannot guarantee financing, our executives, who are experts in marine financing, will work with you to help finance your dream boat.